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Me 2016 by Voidee Me 2016 :iconvoidee:Voidee 1 0 Me 2015 by Voidee Me 2015 :iconvoidee:Voidee 0 3
The Raven and the Beast
His raven hair dances away,
So light and free he sings,
One can guess from a single ray,
How much terror he brings.
Deceitful throughout night and day,
No one dares to even threat,
Except a blond beast so they say,
Who accepts every bet.
Obsession starts between the two,
Chaos often ensues,
The Raven continues to muse,
It turns rather taboo.
Before they know it, ten years passed,
Countless hours have been spent,
Though they have gone by stunningly fast,
With nothing but content.
:iconvoidee:Voidee 5 2
At First Glance
No one is meant to be perfect, like you,
I don't know the world through your eyes and ears,
I'm meant to be human, not a review,
Although I won't express my loss or tears,
Because I don't deserve the endless fears,
For I wonder how that will make you feel,
Since this is not exactly ideal.
It ended sudden, I thought we were fine,
I realized your heartless attitude,
You don't understand the meaning of mine,
Nor will you ever express gratitude,
As I was never allowed latitude,
While you have never shown your emotion,
I have always presented devotion.
I guess you don't see that, it's expected,
When your heart is lost somewhere in your head,
I can't imagine being corrected,
Living every day seeing constant red,
Wishing that someone finally drops dead,
Never having the bravery to fight,
Until one day, you see the foreign light.
Then you think to yourself, what do I miss?
I have to think this through, I always do,
Maybe it was the gentle morning kiss?
Or maybe the general point of view?
:iconvoidee:Voidee 3 0
Moi~ by Voidee Moi~ :iconvoidee:Voidee 0 0
GOREgeous Prelude
I killed my best friend were words Rory Knox never thought he’d think in the same sentence. His sapphire eyes stared over Sierra's dead body, watching as the blood cascaded from her neck. The vampire gaped in horror at the sight below him, wiping the crimson liquid from his mouth. He was a murderer, a sick human being. That was all. He refused to believe he was on the fence between life and death. Monsters like him didn't belong on Earth...they didn’t belong anywhere. He was an outcast.
A few weeks ago, he would have gagged at the scene. Nothing about the gore disgusted him. In fact, it was inviting, welcoming even, which appalled him. He didn't choose to be this way.
The explosion of scent filled the room and he was still hungry. A three coarse meal couldn’t satisfy his need to survive. He needed more, much, much more. Oh God, this isn't happening... His body wanted nothing more than to dig his fangs in her skin, until he sucked every last drop
:iconvoidee:Voidee 1 3
IT'S ME BBY by Voidee IT'S ME BBY :iconvoidee:Voidee 1 4 My Eye by Voidee My Eye :iconvoidee:Voidee 0 0 SHIZAYA!! Can't Get Enough [Arc One] by Voidee
Mature content
SHIZAYA!! Can't Get Enough [Arc One] :iconvoidee:Voidee 30 0
ID - Merry Christmas~ by Voidee ID - Merry Christmas~ :iconvoidee:Voidee 3 7
Mature content
Nighttime's Overture - Traumatized :iconvoidee:Voidee 3 1
The Raven's Rose - Pawn
Voidee: Once again, this chapter took forever to edit. We do not own Durarara!! or Ib. Please review! Every review is appreciated, and thank you to the anons who reviewed! You deserve love too. Enjoy reading, our lovely followers.
DaveTheFurry: I love being Garry, he's like an alternate version of me where I get to indulge in all the things I have strong affinities for that I don't have a chance to explore myself.
This is the second chapter! Please click here to read the first chapter.
Not only only was Garry suddenly pushed to the ground, he had this hot informant he just met land on top of him. A vending machine came soaring over both of their heads, only to be followed by the enraged cry of Izaya's name from a more than pissed of blonde haired brute. Garry tried to keep up but he just wasn't ready for the agility. He had the ability to run fast. After all he had a slim, tall body, but
:iconvoidee:Voidee 32 1
The Raven's Rose - The Meeting
This is the first chapter! Click here to read the second chapter.
"What just happened?" Garry stood in front of a beautiful red rose sculpture for a few seconds trying to remember what he was doing. "How long have I been standing here? All I can remember is entering the gallery, looking at a bunch of paintings... something else, and now standing here..." Garry looked around to make sure he was still at the normal gallery.
Suddenly, a little girl walked up to him."What are you looking at?" she asked him. "Hm? Well let's see. It's a rose sculpture I guess... When I look at this sculpture... I feel somehow sorrowful... I wonder why?" Ib looked down in sadness. "Ah, I'm sorry if I said anything to trouble you, Ib... wait who's Ib?"
Ib looked up at him. "I'm Ib." She said curiously.
Garry paused. "What? That's your name? Your name's really Ib?" She nodded. "That's the strangest thing... I mean, I don't know you at all. It just kind
:iconvoidee:Voidee 18 0
ID by Voidee ID :iconvoidee:Voidee 0 14 Moi by Voidee Moi :iconvoidee:Voidee 1 9
Hey there Smokey
Hey there Smokey,
You may have been a bit dopey,
But thanks for listening to my karaoke.
It is time to let you go,
You should know I love you so,
Unfortunately you can't move to and fro.
You will always be the best cat,
Some people called you fat,
Though you're actually flat.
I will never forget you,
And you know that's true,
Because you grew.
You love us too,
I know you do,
It's a shame you couldn't pull through.
You are family,
Some can't agree,
And that's blasphemy!
You are not just my pet,
I have to take you to the vet,
It will be a fret.
Once you are gone,
I will feel withdrawn,
But I will live on.
:iconvoidee:Voidee 1 2


Fennec Fox by silvercrossfox Fennec Fox :iconsilvercrossfox:silvercrossfox 213 34 Midnight Soraka skin concept by JeanLeeArt Midnight Soraka skin concept :iconjeanleeart:JeanLeeArt 744 52 Popstar Sona by JeanLeeArt Popstar Sona :iconjeanleeart:JeanLeeArt 632 38 mermaid by Jill-Wan mermaid :iconjill-wan:Jill-Wan 1,514 50 Gumiho(nine-tail fox) Ahri by Nanghyang Gumiho(nine-tail fox) Ahri :iconnanghyang:Nanghyang 902 17 Ahri - League of Legends [Fanart] by kelly-Nantes Ahri - League of Legends [Fanart] :iconkelly-nantes:kelly-Nantes 1,497 57 Ahri by NeoArtCorE Ahri :iconneoartcore:NeoArtCorE 13,673 303 Ahri by dutomaster Ahri :icondutomaster:dutomaster 4,962 79 Katarina by Emmanemsnolan Katarina :iconemmanemsnolan:Emmanemsnolan 133 20 Katarina by SoGoodbye Katarina :iconsogoodbye:SoGoodbye 360 11 Katarina by LeeJJ Katarina :iconleejj:LeeJJ 1,498 49 Katarina by MagicnaAnavi Katarina :iconmagicnaanavi:MagicnaAnavi 1,557 118 Katarina by PapayouFR Katarina :iconpapayoufr:PapayouFR 690 14 Katarina by MagicnaAnavi Katarina :iconmagicnaanavi:MagicnaAnavi 5,216 524 Katarina by katiedesousa Katarina :iconkatiedesousa:katiedesousa 2,913 146 Katarina by Overweight-Cat Katarina :iconoverweight-cat:Overweight-Cat 2,751 49


:iconisikaru: tagged me :heart:


1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share ten things about them.
3. Answer the ten questions asked and invent then questions the person you tagged will have to answer.
4. Choose ten people and put their icon in your journal entry.
5. Inform them they are tagged.
6. You have to legitimately tag ten people.
7. Don't tag the person who tagged you.

Ten Things About Me:

1. Yaoi is my addiction.
2. I have an amazing boyfriend.
3. I have a cat named Zero. I named her Zero before I found out it was a girl.
4. My room is covered with anime wall scrolls.
5. Red velvet is my favourite cake.
6. I want to become a social worker one day.
7. I will never give up singing, dancing, etc.
8. I'm going to audition for more musicals.
9. I just graduated high school.
10. My favourite band is Deas Vail.

Isikaru's Questions:

1. What is your favourite anime series?
Definitely Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
2. Have you ever done cosplay?
Yes, as Honey from Ouran but I am working on Izaya Orihara from durarara!!
3. Why do you like art?
Man, too many reasons...
4. Who are your favorite artists on DA?
Isikaru knows I love her art and Nagadih 
5. Sunrise or sunset?
Sunset, I hate mornings.
6. Llamas or kittens?
Kitties! :heart:
7. What makes you feel the most happy?
Spending time with the bf.
8. Glasses or piercings?
Really depends on the person...but usually glasses.
9. Have you seen any Ghibli movies? If so, which is your favorite?
No, whatdahell.
10. Favorite colour scheme?
Purple and lime green.

My Questions:

1. What are you addicted to?
2. Favourite band or singer?
3. What is your goal in life?
4. What would you do with your life if you were rich?
5. If you could have one wish, what would it be?
6. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
7. You have a choice to live in any anime/manga...
8. Favourite oxymoron?
9. Favourite character from any show/game?
10. What do you love about yourself?

I Tag:

:iconkroniku: :icondrsmoochum: :icondavethefurry: :iconkiermeinuzuka: :iconpipipanda: :iconvata-raven: :iconikurolli: :iconpandychu: :iconraremystery: :iconfirerosemon:


The Orchestra by AquaSixio The Orchestra :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 5,551 202 Sleep Song by Dark134 Sleep Song :icondark134:Dark134 13,369 715


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